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About Trailblazer Dispatching

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Trailblazerdispatching for Professional Owner-Operators
Trailblazers Dispatch Service arranges professional dispatch services
for owner operators & truckers who are tired of wasting their time & energy on cheap freight. Have prospect top paying loads while you drive. In addition, we can handle the rest of your. administrative overhead such as negotiating rates and handling necessary paperwork. We have multiple dispatch service plans to choose from. Imagine never having to endlessly search load boards or fill out and fax paperwork again. We take care of the busy work so you can do what your paid to do – drive. Bottom line, our dispatch services help save truckers time & money.
Why Choose Our Dispatch Services?
We provide options on our flat-rate fees and we offer an affordable fee of as low as 7%. A Paperwork only, Basic and Professional plan. So why pay another trucking dispatch service 10% or more on every load? Because of this, Trailblazers Dispatch Service came up with a ‘one stop shop’ for all your trucking dispatch needs.
Whether you have a ‘hands-on’ business approach

  • Round-the-clock Service
  • logs/report Maintenance
  • Managing Delay Issues
  • Order confirmation
  • Invoice Issuing
  • Checking Compliances
  • Finding Loads
  • Endless possibilities
  • Happiness delivered



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